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Ed Freedman's abstract paintings evoke wonder and curiosity about the nature of what is possible in light of the multiple dimensions of existence implied by string theory. Reminiscent of Rothko, the artists' paintings are saturated with sumptuous colors that ground us in pure feeling.
With a sophisticated fusion of color, textured brushwork, and poetic line, Freedman seduces us into a timeless, free-fall waking dream. Similar to the effect of Gaudis' Cathedral, his abstract froms, at times, give way to mystical presences who seem blessedly at home as they make their way through our sometimes intense, dynamic, embodied world.
Unflinchingly honest, strikingly beautiful, and ultimately evocative, Freedman's are the kind of paintings you can live into- and with.

Shawn M. McGivern
Former art critic, Boston Globe


"Wir haben das Glück, ein Bild von Eddie Freedman zu besitzen  - an exponierter Stelle  in unserer Wohnung hängend, fasziniert es immer wieder aufs Neue durch die Dynamik der Formen, durch das innewohnende "Aufwärtsstrebende", das unsere Lebensabsprüche widerspiegelt und die Tiefe,  die es durch die Wahl der zurückhaltenden, nie düsteren Farben erhält.  Es spricht uns aus der Seele."

Manfred Vollmer
Preis gekrönte Fotograf u. Autor (Ruhrgebiet in Echt)